About us

Alankriti Boutique – A store that design and deliver Outfits that best fits

       We are already serving through physical store. Now, we present our online store to provide our customers across boundaries with the same quality products and services with hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience through online sales channels.

Idea behind the store :

       We women are often confused what to wear on our special days, festivals, occasions, parties. Some of us like to present ourselves in trendy outfits but could not afford time in updating our knowledge on latest fashion. Many of us spend too much time pairing top & bottom or matching a dupatta. All of us might have faced issues in tailoring our fabrics so that the stitched costume fits us perfectly, issues in quality of fabrics selected, tired in choosing right model to get a fabric tailored so that it looks good on us.

Not to worry ! We the team of Alankriti Boutique is pleased to help you.

What we do?

        We the team of Alankriti Boutique did lot of engineering in fabrics and designing them into outfits that best fits. Be it traditional, trendy, casual or official, we are here to guide you in choosing right costume.

 We put all our best efforts in

  1. Selection of quality fabrics
  2. Designing the fabric as per the trend and need of the customer
  3. Tailoring with neat finishing
  4. Delivering the dream outfits to customers

       We are so grateful for the pleasure of bringing you the dream outfits and hope we meet your expectations.

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Thank you for your interest in knowing about us .